2008 Reading List

2008 is where my reading life started to change. I discovered the joy of independent comics as the year went on, and visited SPX for the first time. I also began reading mini-comics and zines, the latter because of my wife's rekindling of her desire to write them. This list is not in any way shape or form in alphabetical order. I am also leery of its accuracy, especially when it comes to the mini-comics/zines section. However, for being a few years old, the construction is pretty good, I think. Books marked with an (R) are a re-read.

2008 Grand Total: 20* Incomplete

Indie Books (0)

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Manga/Manhwa (0)

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Mini-Comics/Zines (20)

  1. Monster Gripes by Anonymous (Z)
  2. The Official Handbook of the Full Sanction Universe by Rusty Rowley and Jose Mochove (MC)
  3. Full Sanction Doesn't Want You by Rusty Rowley and Jose Mochove (MC)
  4. Full Sanction by Rusty Rowley and Jose Mochove (MC)
  5. Robert the Robot Conquers the World by Jim8ball (MC)
  6. History Comics About History by Kate Beaton (MC)
  7. Paingiver by Shae (Z)
  8. Introvert #5 by Nicole (Z)
  9. Tragikotatos by Shae (Z)
  10. The Road of Sand by Shae (Z)
  11. Breakfast at Twilight by Erica S. (Z)
  12. Tangental Ferver by Evan and Graham (Z)
  13. Wolfman's Got Nards by Various (MC)
  14. The Plaything of the Elder Gods by J. Whitney and Mike Stevens (MC)
  15. Commie Dog 2 by Sue Cargill (MC)
  16. Commie Dog 3 by Sue Cargill (MC)
  17. Forty Four President and a Letter to a Cat by MZA/Sputnik (MC)
  18. Academy Ratio 3 by Sarah (Z)
  19. It's Not the End of the World! Building a Life with Limp Wrists by Ocean Capewell (Z)
  20. High on Burning Photographs 3 by Ocean Capewell (Z)

Superhero Stuff (0)

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