October 13, 2020


PanelPatterTober: Week 2 Recap

We did something new this year and jumped on the inktober train. With daily sketch prompts ranging from #batober to #jacktober to the always entertaining #kayfabetober, we decided to put our own spin on the tradition with our own #PanelPatterTober. Our weekly Catch It at the Comic Shop column seemed like a logical place to exploit our desire to dive in. 

Rules were developed as follows. 

Our Catch It column comes out on Tuesday. We chose seven characters from those titles for the daily word prompts, and for the following seven days we revel in our own recommendations for you all to enjoy. 

There’s an endless amount of inktober hashtags going right now, but the one that simultaneously gets you excited for new issues at the comic shop down the street is none other than our own. Hashtag, PanelPatterTober. 

Without further ado, the PanelPatterTober week 2 recap.

Swamp Thing


Optimus Prime & Marty McFly



Kamala Khan & Miles Morales 

Skinner Sweet

Feel free to sketch alongside us and post/share yours with ours. Head on over to twitter to see what’s upcoming. We’d love to see your renditions of the characters we find most exciting out on the shelves. 

Week 3: